Services and Training Overview

Gain expert insights into TopQuadrant solutions with our extensive training courses and programs

Make the Most Out of Your Enterprise Data Governance

Solutions based on TopBraid technology empower people by providing them with integrated, business-relevant information, irrespective of the location, origin or structure of the underlying data sources

TopQuadrant complements its products with expert solution services and extensive training and competency development offerings

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Solution Services

TopQuadrant’s products together with our supporting services provide a pragmatic, lifecycle approach that combines technology, methods, knowledge assets, training and mentoring with solution implementation services.

Training Overview

TopQuadrant offers a comprehensive program of on-site product trainings and workshops ranging from one day executive briefings to deeply technical hands-on tutorials, with a continuously updated curriculum.

JumpStart Program

Jumpstart Packages combine the right level of training, mentoring, solution envisioning and expert services with licenses of TopBraid products targeted to get your proof of concept or solution initiative up and running.

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